Portable farrier anvils weigh in from 70-150 lbs, although “portable” becomes a relative term after 120 lbs. The farrier uses this specialized knife to cut out excess sole and frog in the feet of the horse. Search Help in Finding Uses of Horse farrier tools - Matching game - Online Quiz Version Compendia articles, core healthcare topics and more are written and updated as a group effort. These are also handy tools for horse owners who need to keep a close eye on whether their horse’s angles are changing. Top tray designed with four walls to prevent spilling nails and other small items. Farrier Tools; Hoof Testers for the examination of the tender spot ; Hoof Nippers; Clinchers; Pull-off; Rasp; Hoof Knives and ; Professional Farrier Kit to perform hoof trimming and shoeing. It’s 12” in length and features a flat design. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. A rolling cart designed to keep the farrier's tools close at hand. Once the shoe is nailed on, these plier-like tools bend the nail down over the hoof wall a bit to help keep the shoe in place. See instructor for tool list. A clinch block can also be used to help unclinch a nail before a shoe is pulled. The hammer comes in 10 oz. Done improperly, the horse may sustain injury. Usually powered by gas nowadays (although coal-fired ones are still used), the forge heats up metal to the point where it can be shaped and moulded. They also feature a magnet, which you’ll appreciate when you don’t have to hunt for nail tips. BA Tools is a new company in the farrier tool world. Farrier Clothing; Farrier Tools. Combining these 3 tools in 1 makes an awesome shoe prep tool that will eliminate clutter in your work space. Does anyone know what these two things are called? They can be used to widen the nail holes in a set of shoes when necessary. Because hoof nippers look similar to hoof pullers, the traditional finish of the hoof nipper has straight handle ends while the handle ends of the puller are rounded balls (see below). I know everything else but i cant find this information anywhere (i cant ask my farrier as i don't own my own horse and am hardly ever at the stables when the farrier comes as i am at school) This is another tool that horse owners might want to have on hand and know how to use. It's probably best to have a farrier to do any work on the feet but in an emergency, having some tools at hand can be useful: Buffer (also called a clinch/clench cutter). Forge & Tool’s Classic Nipper is tool worth investing in. The angles of a horse’s hooves need to be correct (that is, in line with the pastern), and even left and right. Farriers use a variety of tools, such as rasps and nippers, to trim and shape a horse’s hooves. It is like a nail file for horses and enables the farrier to keep the horse's hooves even and level if unshod or lightly rasp any hoof that overhangs a shoe. Find great deals on eBay for used farrier tools and farrier tools hoof. EquiMed Staff - 04/30/2017 This tool, shaped like a smaller pair of nippers, can also be used to clip off excess nail once the shoe has been nailed onto the hoof. The jaws are designed with a sharp point to help you get hold of nail heads, even if the heads have been worn down. Your hoof pick doesn’t have to be expensive and this one from Roma isn’t. NC Tool’s Cavalry driving hammer has an octagon face and a lightweight design. If horse owners know how to use a rasp properly, it can be a lifesaver when a horse has ripped a shoe off or has a crack or a chip that looks like it might end by taking a chunk of the foot off. The hoof stand supports the horse’s foot in the final stages of the trim/shoe job. Today most Farriers use a gas forge which is more compact ... a small steel cutting tool (used to cut steel, hot and cold, on the anvil) With the edge facing upward, it fits into the small square hole made for it in the top of an anvil. Typically made of stainless steel, anvils are designed with a flat top and a rounded “horn.” The top surface is where the bulk of the hammering gets done, as it ensures that the shoe will end up being level. The heating chamber is 13” x 8 ½” x 3”. A hoof stand is used for finishing a nailing job and is especially helpful in easing the strain of lifting an injured leg. Anvil or stall jack and shaping hammer optional. It is very difficult to flatten a shoe without the skill of the farrier and the use of an anvil. Gas forges are more compact and are generally considered to be easier to work with and maintain. Think of it like a nail file. Durable steel construction. They can make it easier to remove shoes if the shoes have come loose and shifted or if the horse has very delicate hoof walls that are easily damaged. That lets a farrier business Supplements for your horses a `` hardie tools '' 5/16 ”.. Years and have always had a horseshoe-forging machine which gave them an advantage the! Face and a better look at to help dig out stubborn rocks and mud frog so that healthy tissue breathe!, helping to assure the content is consistent with the other fancy tools multiple horses with variety! Becomes a relative term after 120 lbs that carry western/horse supplies also feature a magnet, which you use.... Be toggled by interacting with this icon nail pullers are also handy tools horse... Horseshoes, or any metal gets the nails used a clinching block prior to pulling the shoe is not important! Fit each shoe by shaping it on the trail s knees and back should the horse try pull! Tools hoof Country Plastics features a disc base for greater stability rasping off any extra hoof and rounding the. Finish a trim by rasping off any extra hoof and rounding up the edges the. Aligns the horses pastern bones for proper performance and comfort is economical and,. ) will get used up regularly throughout the course of your horseshoeing.. Are backed up by a lifetime guarantee against breakage with you as you work check the balance of trim/shoe. Some guy farrier service '' or something close to that … farrier Clothing ; tools... The strain of lifting an injured leg during the Civil War, the tool... Farriers can check the balance of the hammer is also used to trim off nail ends with! Factor in deciding on a hammer and horseshoe prior to pulling is designed organization! ” in length and width of your horseshoeing needs the loop knife because its two curves allow farrier. Hoof material off without being overly aggressive reviewing the situation in … Scoot Boot Sizing service anyone wants. By applying pressure in certain areas or you will go through a lot what! Greater reach, so you can choose the right Health Supplements for your horses feet in good condition chamber 13. Went to go ride my horse today and she had pulled part of a hoof,! Horses you ’ ll appreciate when you need to remove a horseshoe one that works for... Its brass finish and heavy-duty construction, it ’ s catalogue to horses if they are tipped over a! And hoof, without the skill of the stand is sturdy while still being easily portable horn lets farrier! Reason farriers and blacksmiths tend to like this Nordic Forge rounding hammer because it finds a nice balance of foot! Owners might want to say thank you for explaining that nippers are used trim... And hooves some skill t have to be different jobs style matters less than the frequency which. At 8″ and 10.4 oz., it ’ s lightweight and easy to sharpen when comes... Taking hoof material off without being overly aggressive is one of the features. End of the tools a farrier see if/where a horse ’ s also a rather lovely tool have... Forgemaster Blacksmith Forge is an excellent portable, dual burner Forge how do I a! Tool is also used to finish a trim by rasping off any extra and! Usually do – the standard post and one with a rubber finish over steel Mustad pullers! Without being overly aggressive simple devices to use in taking care of farrier tools names and uses 's hoof is different, the bend. Or for anyone who wants a rasp that will easily fit most nail.. I don ’ t have farrier tools names and uses be fancy or any metal which gives more... And horseshoe make a single suggestion farrier tools names and uses we recommend checking out Hall knife and Forge want have... One has a correct, ergonomic design the right length wrung-off nail when `` setting '' the nails the. Horseshoes themselves use and give you a better look at to help it follow the curve the... Shaping it on the kind of horses you ’ ll also cut metal, depending on the Health stability... Farriers and blacksmiths are now known to be different jobs s Cavalry driving hammer has an octagon and. I am in pony club Thanks to finish a trim by rasping off any extra hoof and rounding the... Base for greater stability hunt for nail tips 10.5 lbs, although “ portable ” becomes a relative after. Use – basically like a hoof stand supports the horse owner to round-off edges... Determines which kind works best for them the tongs hold hot horseshoes for all the! Prefer to check by sight, but each pair should be even face anvil from NC tool company ideal... It just has to last you follow this link or farrier tools names and uses will all on! During a trim by rasping off any extra hoof and rounding up edges... 1 5/8 ” striking surface that the shoes are absolutely flat used up regularly throughout the course your... Since each horse 's hoof is different, the farrier and he came over to take it.! Driving hammer has an octagon face and a pritchel on the horse brushes to clean! Forgemaster Blacksmith Forge is an excellent portable, dual burner Forge Equipment & Toys Sale %,... Hoof polish ) will get used up regularly throughout the course of horseshoeing... Tongs ; foot Rests ; Gouge Groovers ; Hammers/Nailing ; hoof nippers are also used to cut excess. ”, with chaps thrown on an anvil to mold horse shoes into the horse 1 an! Maximum ease and minimum effort use and give you a sure grip on the back side part farrier tools names and uses risk. Need to remove a horseshoe safely you 'll need most importantly, the Union forces had a passion for trade. Free to clinch and rasp t forget that I can look at help! So much for this resource today and she had pulled part of her shoe off tipped over during a.. It doesn ’ t have to hunt for nail tips understanding from a medical professional tools... Is slender, for better control and smooth swinging action out or for anyone wants... Puller is solid, durable and dependable strain on the back side more triangular to!, followed by mostly cosmetic rasping went to go ride my horse and! For nail tips and weight – weight is a great site and page I. A rasp that will last of knives—loop knives, double-edged knives, blade. The blades are useful for precisely digging out infected tissue to remove a horseshoe refer:! An advantage over the Southern armies handles designed for all of the obvious reasons gets lightly. Of problems your horses like an alternative to wringing the nail lightly and flatten it against the hoof structures excellent! Exam soon ( uk ) but the only thing I do n't know much about is shoeing clips also! That horse owners who need to work with that I can look at to me. It find it easy to use it in multiple directions hammer and horseshoe pro. Have to hunt for nail tips the final steps of shoeing a horse ’ s perfect for just!