Westbrook Monster Mix Extreme Feed






Extreme Mix Fights off EHD (Blue Tongue)

“It takes more than luck   To save a trophy buck”

We have added another proven but even More crucial mixture To our line of feed. This Monster Mix is formulated and proven to help  Bucks and Does  survive the critical Months (which is primarily June through September)when EHD Affects the deer the most.

As deer farmers we must have every deer that Dies on our farm tested. Because of having so many deer in confined areas, we were losing Even more deer on average than in the wild.

At first we tried to treat our deer with antibiotics but we only had minimal success and it was very costly. Then some farmers came up with the idea instead of trying to save the deer after it was bitten by the fly that carries the deadly disease, they worked with a biologist to come up with ingredients to keep the flies off of the deer to begin with.

The deer farmers that added the new ingredients to their feed  had  an estimated 1000 deer total combined and had been losing approx. 5% (50 out of 1000)of their deer a year to EHD every year some years were worse than others just like in the wild.

The 1st year they cut that number down to about 1/3 with only losing  18 out of 1000.

The second year we modified our blend and increased the amount of the main ingredients, and deer farmers only lost 7 deer out of a thousand.  That is less than  1% of the 1000 deer that was consuming the feed from June through September.

How to use

We recommend you start mixing the EXTREME BLEND with your regular feed by the beginning of June. Add 1 bag of The Extreme to 2 bags of your feed then the next feeding 2 bags of extreme to 1 bag of your feed and continue this through the end of September and you will have less dead deer.